'Clan Vizla' is a PVE/RP Mandalorian oriented guild for 'The Proginator' server on Star Wars The Old Republic
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 Guest Application (CLICK TO VIEW)

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PostSubject: Guest Application (CLICK TO VIEW)   Sun Aug 06, 2017 11:13 am

Greetings visitor,

My name is Vaporyz, ranking captain of Clan Vizla. One of my tasks is to oversee clan communications wich includes the application process for individuals who wish to join our ranks. If you are applying via this form it means you were most likely requested ingame to do so by myself or one of our members.

The first step in the application process will be to create a forum account. Once you're logged in with your new account you may fill out the form below wich consists of two parts, your personal information and character information. You can copy the list of questions and paste it into a new topic. Create a new topic by simply clicking the *NEWTOPIC* icon in the top left corner of this page and use your "(character name) Application" as the title. (Note; you can't post a new topic under this section if you are not registered to the forum.)  

The completed application form can be viewed by myself and other forum members however, members are requested not to directly reply to any application posted here. If you prefer to keep your application private, you may send the completed form via email to 'ClanVizla@hotmail.com' instead.
When reviewed and approved, I will proceed to contact you either ingame (via mail or chat) or the forum for further instructions on the last step of the application process. If your application was rejected you will be also be notified.


Personal Information

1. (First)Name:

2. Gender:

3. Age:

4. Country:

5. Proficiency of English on scale 1-10:

6. How long have you been playing SWTOR?

7. How active(online) are you on a weekly basis?
(example; I'm usually online at the weekend during evening hours GMT+1.)

8. Why would you like to join Clan Vizla?

9. Do you have any previous guild experience?

10. Anything you would like to share or add about yourself?  

Character Information

11. Name:

12. Gender:

13. Race:

14. Role (including off-spec if relevant):

15. Main character or Alt:

16. F2P or Subscriber:

17. As a PVE group activity (Flashpoints, Uprisings, Ops, Starfighter or PvP) wich do you like the most and why?

18. Do you like to role play?  

19. Does your character possess any bounty hunter or mandalorian themed outfit(s)? 

20. Anything you would like to add about your character?

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Guest Application (CLICK TO VIEW)
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