'Clan Vizla' is a PVE/RP Mandalorian oriented guild for 'The Proginator' server on Star Wars The Old Republic
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PostSubject: CLAN RULES (CLICK TO VIEW)   Fri Aug 04, 2017 2:27 pm

Social Rules

  • Keep it friendly! All clan members are expected to be respectful and polite towards other members of the server and clan community. Try helping out your fellow Mando when requested, especially players who are new to the clan and game.

  • Racism, sexism or discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated. First offence will receive a warning and possible rank demotion, repeating offenders or extreme cases will receive an immediate ban. Griefing, negatively interfering with other players, and otherwise any form of bullying or trolling is not permitted. If any such offence would occur, please resort to taking a screenshot and proceed to contact one of the officers or leader through the forum.

  • Humor is welcome! Not everyone shares your sense of humor though so keep that in mind when trying to play the comedian.

  • No begging for credits or items! This only causes annoyance. Most started out with empty pockets and worked hard to accumulate their ingame wealth. Begging doesn't only apply to guild chat but general chat aswell! Remember that you are representing the banner of Clan Vizla, begging will bring both you and the clan name dishonor and could result in a ban.

  • Do not ninja loot! When participating in a group activities like flashpoints only select 'Need' on gear drops that both your class and level requires. Ninja looting under clan rules is viewed in the same offence catogory as begging, any such repeating violation of ingame social rules and clan rules will bring dishoner to our banner and can result in a ban.

  • Don't spam! Wether you are interacting with general, guild or any other type of chat avoid spamming text.

Clan Rules

  • Role play is rewarded! As a mandolorian RP clan we will be hosting role play events on a weekly basis in the future. Clan members can participate in these events to earn clan loyalty points and other rewards to advance in rank. Individual members are also encouraged to host RP sessions ingame at any time. We don't expect all participants to be experienced role players during any such events as it is mostly for entertaining purposes, however a basic understadning of Star Wars background knowledge/lore and sticking with your rank/role is expected. All clan members will have the chance to create a character portfolio via the forums 'member introduction' section, wich will be carried over ingame for role play purposes.

  • Group PVE activity is encouraged! Wether you like participating in PVP, Flashpoints, OPS or any other type of social group activity we always encourage our members to form groups under the Vizla banner. This is a great way to socialize with each other outside of guild chat and hosted RP events. It also provides a comfortable enviroment for members who are new the game to get acquainted with tactics and strategies.

  • Clan donations are appreciated! If you wish to donate to the clan you can do so through credits or decoration donations, consumables like EXP boosts are also accepted and can be put into the bank at any time without the officers or leader confirmation. The credit cap on the guild bank will be at 1 million credits. If that number is exceeded, the excess amount of credits will be temporarily transferred to a personal alt bank if it can not be immeditally invested into the clan. This is soley to prevent theft of larger sums of credits. Using the clan bank as a personal storage for items or credits is not allowed. Any items put into the bank that fall outside the specified accepted donations categories will be removed by a ranking officer or the leader.

  • Don't loot from the Clan Bank! Items displayed in the clan bank are reserved for RP events as rewards. The credits are reserved for Clan investment and expansion (Stronghold/Flagship). EXP boosts and other consumables that are displayed can be requested for personal use either through officer or leader confirmation. Any withdrawal from the Clan Bank without permission, wheter it be items or credits is automatically logged and will result in a ban and blacklist.

  • Don't ask for rank promotions, it will only result in getting demoted. Higher ranks are earned through strength and honor. By participating in forum hosted RP events, you can earn clan loyalty points wich will allow you to get rank promotions. Please refer to the 'Loyalty Program' under the 'Clan Ranks' forum section for more information.  

  • If you believe your character has been banned in error, you may appeal the ban decision in the 'ban appeal' section of the forum. We will respond to your appeal after a complete investigation.

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